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Fort Dallas Truss Co, LLC (d.b.a. as Best Truss Company) uses a fleet of specially designed tractors and roll-on trailers to ensure that our trusses arrive at the jobsite in perfect condition. Our drivers can make a delivery to your jobsite any day of the week and no distance is too far.
In Florida, trusses have special requirements due to Florida´s susceptibility to extreme weather and hurricane conditions. Here at Fort Dallas Truss Co, LLC (d.b.a. as Best Truss Company) we have many years experience in using the right codes and parameters for the trusses in the different Florida and Caribbean Zones. Florida trusses as opposed to other state trusses are unique in their lumber and plate requirements due to the weather conditions. Florida trusses are especially unique for the Caribbean islands because of the high wind hurricane zones that Dade County and Broward County are under. South Florida trusses go through extreme quality control measures insuring the highest quality of lumber and zinc coated metal engineered plates. Keep note that most of the trusses produced for the Caribbean Islands are either pressure treated (Borate) or fire resistant.
International Deliveries / Export
Here, at Fort Dallas Truss Co, LLC (d.b.a. as Best Truss Company), we have produced, many times, trusses for the Caribbean Islands. We are very experienced in coordinating the efforts for these deliveries with the export Co’s. There are special rules and regulations that need to be followed in the export of trusses and we have been through them all.
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