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Wood Truss Repairs and Inspections of Burned, Damaged, or Altered Trusses  
All wood trusses are made up of lumber and metal connector plates that are designed and built to handle certain loads. Cutting, drilling, damaged, burned or altering will lower the structural strength of a truss.
We repair trusses made of steel, aluminium, concrete, timber, (Worldwide), with engineering provided by professional designers.
There are no “typical” repair details since trusses vary greatly as well as the damages vary greatly. Each repair detail is done specific to that truss. Here at Fort Dallas Truss Co, LLC (d.b.a. as Best Truss Company), our designers have over 30 years of experience in repairing damaged, burned or altered trusses. Our truss designers can properly specify what materials are needed to correct the flawed truss. We provide signed and sealed repair details by our independent professional engineering consultants for the truss repairs to pass the inspection. If the repair detail is followed correctly, the repaired truss will support the same loads and uplifts as the original truss.
Trusses are a very important part of your home structural integrity. They are literally the strength of your roof. When a storm or Hurricane comes around, you want to make sure you and your family will be safe. A damaged truss can be fatal in a bad situation. A tree falling on your house, with damaged trusses, can have disastrous consequences, even fatal consequences. So it is extremely important to fix damaged trusses.
If you think you have damaged trusses, please don’t hesitate to call us. We are the truss repair specialists and we can handle any job anywhere in Florida and the World.
In Addition to Normal Truss Repair, we can strengthen and / or clean your existing trusses
The Primary Causes of Truss Failures:
Exposure to such elements as extreme heat, moisture, or toxic chemicals. Damage to trusses in heat - treating or anodizing plants are very common. Poor ventilation in these types of facilities in a primary cause of failures in wood roof.
We have more than 35 years of experience in the Truss Business
Complete physical inspection including photographs of existing conditions, explanation as to cause of the failure, and a written report of recommendation for the specific repairs required.

Emergency Temporary shoring of roof trusses to provide a safe condition for the occupants, as well as to minimize the potential for the damage to increase. This service is available on a 24 - hour basis.

Fort Dallas Truss Co, LLC (d.b.a. as Best Truss Company) will provide complete design services with plans and specifications for the required truss repairs. Our experienced staff has developed proven systems and techniques for specific conditions over many years. We are pleased to have our designs reviewed by owners and independent engineering consultants.
Our services
• Truss Inspections
• Damage Assessment
• Truss Repair
• Truss Strengthening
• Structural Reinforcement
• Truss Cleaning
For The Repair & Reinforcement of Wood Roof Trusses:
We offer services worldwide. Call us to find out how.
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